Greetings to you saints . I hope I find you well in His care. Welcome to another day where we delve into the Word of God. Today we want to deal with the issue of prayer. Let us start by a question : what is prayer ??? Means of communicating with our heavenly Father. Yes Prayer is communication with God. Talking to God. Dialogue between man and God. Now what’s the purpose of prayer ??? Now why would the all knowing God ( omniscient) need us to tell Him things ? Why would He need to tell Him things that we need when He knows everything already. Why would God not just do things for us since He knows everything about us. Let me tell you why – Jeremiah 33 vs 3 says CALL UNTO ME. So we pray because He said and He also I WILL SHOW OR REVEAL THINGS TO YOU. Which means if you call, there is an answer coming. But why is it we have people who are complaining about unanswered prayer ??? According to James 5 vs 16 the prayer of a righteous person availeth much. This means that God does not answerTHE prayer but the PERSON making prayer. A righteous person has answered prayer. Now am getting deeper. Now being righteous means right standing with God. Isaiah 59 talks of unrighteousness causing prayers to be blocked or barred from entering the ears of God. Hence a need to plead your case so that you are justified Isaiah 43 vs 26. Zecharaiah 3 talks of Joshua the priest being declared righteous, hence attention given and prayer answered. We always get attention in the heavenly courts when declared not condemned . A new law of Spirit of Life guarantes that you have answered prayer. You are declared innocent by the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is the evidence of the Advocate Jesus for you to have a positive testimony that you are innocent. Thats why the Word of God in Revelation 12 says they overcame by the blood of Jesus and their testimony.The testimony is the evidence that makes stand unaccused and hence the devil has no advantage over you. In Revelation 19 vs 11 talks of Jesu as a judge and makes war , meaning that spiritual wars are done those that have been judged innocent and can proceed to make war with the devil and demons.Thats we talk of repentance first before engagement. Now we pray WHY ? Prayer is an invitation to God to give Him legal rights to be involved in our affairs without the devil accusing Him of not following ruling that , the earth is governed by man. Matt 6 vs 10 talks of inviting God to bring His will , His government to affect us. So praying is engaging spiritual laws that invoke God to intervene in our affairs. Women are you ready ? Let me tell you something to shock you. Do you know that for the devil to gain access on earth , he required permission ? And the devil got it from the woman after deceiving her to disobey God. Do not get angry ladies, the best part is yet to come, Now when God was about to gain permission to correct things on earth , God had to send Gabriel to seek permission from Mary. God needed to be involved in our affairs and needed a body , which the womb of Mary could provide. And Mary answered Gabriel and said let it be so.That is giving God rights to be involved in your life. He who prays a lots is increasing the percentage of God involvement in his or her life. Now when you pray or communicate with God , or dialogue with God believe that it is done. Prayer is a spiritual exercise which needs your spirit and mind to agree. If your spirit and mind do not agree , you are considered a person of double mind . You will not receive or gets results. Now for others prayer invites God onto the scene where there is a need. But for others it is different how ? For others CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY. This means I no longer pray to invite God but He is now in me. If Christ be in me , we are now ONE. If ONE it means when I make decrees or declarations it is Christ making them. Christ is speaking inside of me or I inside of Christ. Tell why would I not get an answer if it be so. When Israel faced the Red Sea , the sea parted for it saw the Lord who had made Judah His sanctuary. So thesea had no option but to part in front of the coming King of Glory. So it is with you, when Christ is in you , when you declare things in prayer , THEY HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO HAPPEN. Christ in you the hope of glory. We have understood that Christ is in me , fine . Now the hope of glory issue. My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. In glory there are riches of Christ . And that Christ is now in you. Riches are answered prayer. You can now tell a mountain to be moved it will obey. You can now walk on water. You can command dieases togo
Christ in you. When Christ is in you, you shall decree or declare a thing a thing it shall be established for you. Prayer with results. Are you ready to pray. Call upon God. The more you talk with God the better the results. I decree that your sins are forgiven by the blood of Jesus. I declare you not guilty because of the finished work of calvary. Your line of prayer has been reactivated. Jesus has provided the airtime by His blood.The line is never busy for you. Pray somebody. Wherever pray somebody. God’s ear is now inclined to hear you. *Meet on Wednesday at 2000 hrs*
*It will be Question and Answer Session*
Before I close , I am asking you togive your offering NOW
If you have done inbox me or call me for prayer. God bless you.
Keep praying with results.


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